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Skinella Skin Care Products

Happy Friday everyone !!

Today I’m sharing a few of my skin care favorites which I am using currently. If you are following me on insta, you would know I recently received few products from Skinella. Skinella recently launched these products which help you feed your skin with the power of super foods and fresh fruits. The exclusive products range are crafted with natural ingredients to provide skin its right nutrition. So, here are some new products in my routine to keep my skin nourished and moisturized; and I am reviewing them for you all. Hope these recommendations are helpful to you.
Skinella Skin Care Products
1. Skinella Honey Oats Face Scrub:
This is my first favorite among these products. It has the goodness of oats and honey. The fragrance is awesome and smooth texture gives gentle feel to the skin. Also, Oats gently remove dirt and unclog pores while honey moisturize and hydrate your skin.
Cons: Honey Fragrance might be an issue.
2. Skinella Juicy Fresh De-tan Mask:
After cleaning scrub, don’t forget to apply this De-tan face mask. It actually helps to protect the skin from the damage caused by sun, tan, remove impurities and also helps to illuminate your skin. The de-tanning properties of this mask will make your skin glow and moisturized.
4. Skinella Grapefruit Face and Body Sorbet:
Now, come to my second favorite, this is basically a face-body after bath moisturizer. I am currently obsessing over it. I personally love grapefruit and it gives a very strong fragrance of grapefruit at the time of applying but after sometimes it fades and leaves a sweet fresh fragrance with moisturized skin till 7 to 8 hrs.
Cons: Strong Grapefruit fragrance might be an issue for them who are allergic to strong fragrance.
5. Skinella Mandarin Gel Body Wash:
This gel body wash will give you a tropical feel, it’s a tangy, zesty blend of Mandarin and Canadian willow-herb extracts. This body wash replace needed essential oils, helps in rinsing away daily impurities while keeping your skin nourished and hydrated all day long.
The best part about all these products are that, they are natural, nourish your skin and super affordable. Mentioning below the quantity and price as well…
Products detail:
1. Skinella Honey Oats Face Scrub – 100 gm – Rs 230/-
2. Skinella Mandarin Gel Body Wash – 200 ml – Rs 275/-
3. Skinella Grapefruit Face and Body Sorbet – 100 gm – Rs 245/-
4. Skinella Juicy Fresh De-tan Mask -100 gm – Rs 230/-
Skinella Skin Care Product
Skinella Skin Care Product
Skinella Skin Care Products

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