My visit to Xanadu of India, Kashmir – Part 2

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Day 2: It was a beautiful and serene morning, the view from room was so scenic and pleasing. I could only hear flowing water sound with breeze and birds singing. We had left hotel after filling breakfast. We hopped into the cab and headed towards Pahalgam. Srinagar to Pahalgam is around two hours drive but we couldn’t realise when two hours passed and we reached Pahalgam as we were lost in the beauty of nature. Both side of the road was covered with snow, mountain water stream was flowing by the side of road and infront of my eyes far away there were snow covered mountains, shining like pearl. The view was mesmerising ! I wore this mix-match satin flat knit pullover, faux leather jeggings and rust suede boots. Though the weather was sunny but I kept my black overcoat along with me as the weather there was unpredictable. I added fur stole for chic look. I took a pair of rubber boots on rent as I forgot to carry mine.While in Pahalgam, we got to see Baisaran (which is also called mini switzerland of India), Dublin Valley and Kashmir Valley. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see Betaab Valley, Tulian Lake & Chandanwari as roads were closed due to heavy snowfall. We rode on the horse to see all these places. I was deeply enamoured by this breathtaking view of snow covered mountains, waterfalls and snow covered cottages. I don’t know how to ride a horse and was so afraid of falling down as the path was steep and narrow but somehow I managed to reach the top (Baisaran). I think I was lost in that exotic place. We spent few hours there, soaking in the ambience, enjoying snow games and clicking some stunning shots. We returned back to the plains and had food, after which we headed to Srinagar again.Hope you guys liked the post, will be back soon with third and fourth part of the blog. Stay tuned ! 

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