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Happy Thursday everyone !

Hope you guys are doing well ! If you are following me on my social media handles, you must be knowing that two months back I got Keratin treatment done and many of you asked me to do a review on it. I didn’t want to review the treatment that time soon as I wanted to see the effects and write more genuine review for you all.
Two months ago, I got my first-ever keratin treatment done, and I was amazed by the result. I got my hair colored an year ago and after few months my hair became brittle, frizzy, impossible to tame and also, hair started falling out.  So I decided to ditch the home remedies this time and rely on science and opted for Keratin treatment.
I got the treatment done from G K Hair (Affinity Express India) and can’t thank them enough for giving me life changing experience. It might seem, I am exaggerating  but it definitely changed my life, when you have hair like mine frizzy, brittle and impossible to handle…..and all of sudden it dries smooth, silky and shiny under few minutes with controlled hair fall, it is, life changing. I personally loved the texture and softness of my hair after the treatment. My hair is little wavy, after treatment, it became a little straight without effecting the volume. Also, I am very happy with the hair fall control result of this treatment.
Today, I’m gonna answer all questions, you guys asked me on my social media handles :
1. What is Keratin and how does this treatment help ?
Keratin is the major protein which is naturally present in our hair. Keratin treatment helps the hair to look smooth, shiny and frizz free. Artificially keratin is added to fill in the porous spots in your hair which materialized due to loss of keratin. A keratin treatment is basically rebuilding the hair by putting back the lost protein into your strands.
2.  How long the treatment effects ?
According to the hairstylist, the treatment works till three months and can be increased if taken care properly. I got it done two months back and still my hair is smooth and silky. Also, it depends on person to person, hair quality and the hair care regime.

3. What is the procedure ?
Mentioning the procedure step by step :
1. Hair wash (Shampoo but not conditioner)
2. Blow-dry to absorb moisture
3. Application of keratin
4. Hair is left to set
5. Another round of blow-dry
6. Ironed flat to help seal the solution
The end result will be silky, shiny, smooth and manageable hair and will last till three months with a proper hair-care regime.
4. What are the post-treatment steps ?
For best result, you need not wash your hair till 48 hours and your hair should be sweat free. Also, to make it lasts long, use professional keratin shampoo and conditioner.
I hope, I have answered all your questions and my review will help you to take better decision in future. I really want to thank GK hair for making my hair feel so smooth, silky and shiny, it was wonderful experience and also like to thank hairstylist and generous staffs. You guys should definitely visit this place and should take this treatment, this place is highly recommended.
Keratin information : G K Hair and sourced from TOI




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