Flare Affair : Printed Dress & Sweatshirt

Love the flare
As many of you asked about this outfit when I first uploaded on my social media handles, I thought it would be great to do a post on this look. I wore this outfit when I was traveling from Rumtek to Lachen. I needed to travel from cold to the coldest place, so I decided to do layering for this look.
For this look, I wanted to wear something which has lots of flare. I got this beautiful tiered-flared cami dress made and added lace-up detail at the back. Underneath the dress, I wore cowl neck lace-up sweatshirt and paired it with sports shoes. I admired the way, the color of sweatshirt and dress gelled with each-other. Also, mixed and matched multicolored bracelets, rings and combined tassel earrings and tan backpack to accessorize the look. Mixing two theme in one look is my favorite way to style the outfit. Here, I mixed sporty and feminine look together to take it up to the next level. Finally, finished off the look by layering it with a exaggerated lapel blazer. Let me know what you think about this styling in comment section below and enjoy the pictures.
The waterfall was mesmerizing
Excuse me for the blur picture, but I loved it.
The gorgeous view


Clouds <3
Somehwere in the middle of nowhere
Look at the flare
The gorgeous view


Accessories <3
My favorite shot
Love the flare
Love the lace-up detail
Thank you for stopping by and reading the post. Stay tuned for more to come !
Sweatshirt : Chaps
Shoes : Adidas
Earrings : DIY
Oxidized Jewelries : Aldo + Forever 21 + American Eagle




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