A Beautiful Morning in Munger, Bihar

An alluring sunrise over the river Ganges, chirping of birds, sound of water and an island in between – definitely the fantasy thing. The sky meeting the river and the white theme breakfast waiting for us on an island. We ate and sat there, hand in hand, staring at the mesmerizing view, not wanting to relinquish for the morning. Such was our tryst in Munger, Bihar.

The mesmerizing view
The mention of Bihar doesn’t exactly throb the curiosity of an avid traveler as other tourist destinations like Goa or Rajasthan might. Bihar is one of those places in India that has accumulations of archaeological monuments, historical places, temples, museums and lots of other local places worth visiting but still remained underrated tourist destination. Munger is famous for the “Bihar School of Yoga” where lots of Indians and foreigners horde this place for yoga practice and spiritual awakening.
The view
I and Ravi decided to celebrate Holi ( festival of colors ) this year with our family and packed our bag for home. It was our anniversary, just one day before Holi and Ravi had arranged something for us. We took train from New Delhi to Jamalpur, reached there around 1 am in the night/ morning and finally reached our final destination Munger after half an hour drive from there where my brother stays. That night was full of chit-chats, gossips and fun as my sisters and cousins were also there to celebrate our anniversary and holi together. I am that kind of person who love to be with people around. Ravi invited everyone to make sure, we enjoy our day to the fullest.
15 years of togetherness and 2nd wedding anniversary
Woohoo….!! We did it…
We all are posing ;P

Munger, Bihar
Surprise breakfast arranged by him
He already gave me hint about white theme surprise, but I was not aware about that completely. So, I wore white off shoulder top and maxi skirt and styled in a way that it looked like maxi dress, paired with maxi hoops and turquoise bead necklace. He also wore white shirt-pants to gel with the theme.
Breakfast with this beautiful view
Breakfast with this beautiful view
We all went to the bank of the river Ganges early in the morning, private boat was waiting there for us  and took us to the small island which was far far away from the river bank and situated somewhere in the middle of the river Ganges. I was amazed as I got down from the boat, the sun was rising, cold breeze was blowing, the sky was meeting with river and a white themed breakfast was waiting for us with the charming view the river Ganges. We had breakfast with the beautiful view and music, we all enjoyed our morning to the fullest and got some stunning photo clicked.
In love with the view
We went back after celebrating the wonderful morning and headed to Bhagalpur to celebrate our anniversary with family. The evening was full of surprises, music, gifts and sweets. Next day, we celebrated Holi together and same night, we left for our trip to Sikkim.
This one is my favorite
We danced too..
The view, Munger, Bihar
Outfit Details
Top & Maxi Skirt : HUE by Anamika (Customized)
Accessories : Forever 21
Location : Munger, Bihar
Thank you for stopping by and reading the post. Hope you guys liked it. Stay Tuned for  more.. (Coming soon with Sikkim Travel Guide and Lookbook).
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  • I am really amazed to find such a beautiful place in Bihar. Your anniversary celebration at this place is like icing on the cake. Everything is so beautiful there the couple, place, ambience, food and your siblings. This place is must watch. I will try to watch this place also with my better half. Keep writing discover new places to us. We are counting on you.

    • Thank you so much for the appreciation..!!
      You must visit this place and I am sure, you will love it. 😊

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