25 Things To Do In Quarantine

As COVID-19 spreads around the globe and the number of cases are increasing day by day in India too, Government has imposed Lockdown 2 in India till 3rd May. We all need to quarantine and stay safe at home. I know many people are getting bored, many are trying to be as productive as they can and many are enjoying the time with their family. This is how I’m making most out of my quarantine and sharing 25 things that you guys could also do in this period.

1. Spend time with your family

 When we used to go to office for work or students who used to go to colleges, tuitions… we always used to complain about not having time to spend with family. Spend time with your family, husband, friends with whom you are living with. I swear, you’ll cherish these moments now and later.

2. Start Yoga or Meditation

There are many benefits of Yoga and mediation. In this period, many of us are facing anxiety and stress issues. Meditation and yoga helps to reduce anxiety, stress, increases self-awareness, makes you physically healthy, increases memory and emotional stability.

3. Work out at home

Now is the time! People like me who had never got time in the past..haahaa… to work out, we have enough time now. Also, those who used to go to gym can also start working out at home. There are many fitness trainers who are coming live everyday, you guys can join on Instagram and in fact learning from YouTube is also a good option.

4. Watch TV series and movies or play indoor games

You can entertain yourself by watching some TV series and movies as per your interest on Netflix, Amazon prime video, Sony Liv and there are many more. In fact you can play indoor games with your siblings or family.

5. Read books

Reading books is a very good option to keep yourself engaged and to gain knowledge too. If you are like me who don’t like to read, try it and once you’ll start you’ll love reading. Just one tip…start with thin books..haaahaaa 😉

6. Cook / Bake your favorite foods

Trying new recipes, cooking and baking always acts as stress reliever. You can learn new recipes from YouTube and there are many apps like Tasty and all

7. Decorate your house

You’re home and it’s the best time to decorate your house. Learn DIY decor ideas, you can check out my YouTube Living Room Tour Video and DIY board on Pinterest to learn DIY stuffs.

8. Find your lost hobbies

We all had become so much busy in our professional life that we almost forgot what we love to do. We only do what is needed. Do those things which you used to love… it may be coloring, doodling, dancing, singing or may be writing. 

9. Pamper yourself

Now you’ve enough time to take care yourself. You can do manicure, pedicure at home, there are many DIY videos on YouTube. Also, you can apply DIY face masks and hair masks. Pampering yourself immediately uplifts your mood.

10. Enjoy little things around you

Go to your terrace or sit in your balcony and just enjoy little things around you… may be the nature, birds, sky, trees or may be a squirrel who is eating.. oh! I love to see a squirrel or birds eating. You’ll feel very happy and exuberant.

11. Eat healthy and stay hydrated

Do incorporate fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet. Drink at least eight glasses of water everyday. Also, add green or any fruit smoothies to your diet, it’s very nutritional and a yummy option to have.  

12. Clean your laptop and phones

Delete all unnecessary pictures and videos, you have gathered since years. Clean your devices so that it can function more efficiently.

13. Wash your sports shoes and sneakers

Now a days, many shoes are machine washable, clean your sports shoes. Shoes and sneakers which are not washable, you can clean it with an old toothbrush. Dip toothbrush into soap solution and clean the soles, for upper layer you can use wet tissue or wet cloth to clean them.

14. Learn some new language or skills

Learning new languages and skills are always a good idea. You can learn new languages and courses on Coursera, Udemy or any website online. You can also learn some instruments too if you think your neighbor won’t have any problem as everyone is staying at home these days

15. Clean your wardrobe

Before you clean your wardrobe, I would suggest you to search few DIY storage ideas and how to rearrange your wardrobe ideas. It’s always helpful and you’ll end up completing your work quickly and neatly. Try it…

16. Do Gardening

Seeing flowers blossoming or new baby leaves coming will make you feel more alive. Gardening lights up mood immediately and it’s a process that you’ll enjoy through out, from sowing to watering to seeing the plant grow. You can also grow some indoor plants and it’s very easy. Search ideas Pinterest and YouTube. 

17. Listen to music everyday

Start your day with a good music. I start with chanting music. In the morning you can listen some calm and peaceful music, chants or shlokas. It creates a very positive ambience. You can also listen to the music which you like, which is of your genre and enjoy it to the fullest.

18. Complete your pending work

Now, it’s time to complete all those works which you were wanting to complete since a long time. It may be…. to complete some excel sheets, write blogs, edit photos or videos and there are a long list everyone must be having.

19. Declutter your makeup and beauty products

A lot of us must be having boxes and drawers full of makeup and beauty products which we haven’t used since years or may be months, in fact there must be many expired products and now it’s the time to throw them away. Those products which you haven’t used since one year or may be six months and are unused or in good condition, give them to your friends, family, relatives or maid… of course after the lockdown.4

20. Take beauty sleep

It’s very important to sleep 8-10 hrs a day which many of us didn’t able to do when we were going to office and these days we all have become night owls. Now, sleep as much as you can.

21. Communicate with your family and friends

We always used to complain that we don’t have enough time and we are very busy. Take out time to talk to your friends and family via audio call, video call and feel the joy.

22. Feed birds and stray dogs

As there are no street food corners, restaurants are open, there are many stray dogs and birds who are dying of starvation. I urge you all to feed stray dogs and keep some food and water for birds and insects in your balcony or on your terrace. I keep biscuits or some cereals and water every morning and enjoy seeing the birds, insects, ants and squirrel eating them.

23. Do gratitude exercise daily

Gratitude exercise is very important and it should be a part of your daily life, it not only brings happiness and calmness to your mind and body but also helps in manifesting your dream. you’ll see phenomenal changes in your life once you start doing this exercise. We should be always thankful for whatever we have. We have food to eat, water to drink, house to live in, clothes to wear and many more big or little things. Also, everyday we should appreciate and thankful to all the doctors, nurses, bankers and all other service providers who are risking their own life for us during this outbreak.

24. Spread awareness

We are educated, we are watching so many preventive measures on social media and we think if we know, all other people must be knowing. Let me tell you a short story recently happened with me. The other day, I was buying vegetables from a vegetable vendor in front of my house and suddenly I discussed about this pandemic and asked them do you know these precautions… I was amazed he didn’t know anything except wearing a mask and gloves. I taught them how they should wash their hands, use sanitizers, if they don’t have mask they can use handkerchief as mask, how they should maintain social distancing and all other things. So, I request you all to please spread awareness among those people who are daily workers, illiterates, sweepers, maids etc.. We assume they must be knowing everything because it’s all over social media, news channels etc… but still they are many who are not aware. Please make them understandvia phone call  or face to face maintaining social distancing (I’m at all not encouraging to go out). 
To prevent the spread of COVID-19: Clean your hands often. Use soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub.Maintain a safe distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing.Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth.Cover your nose and mouth with your bent elbow or a tissue when you cough or sneeze.Stay home if you feel unwell.If you have a fever, a cough, and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention. Call in advance.Follow the directions of your local health authority.Avoiding unneeded visits to medical facilities allows healthcare systems to operate more effectively, therefore protecting you and others.

25. Please donate

We are fortunate enough that we are staying with family, we have food to eat, we have a house to live in but unfortunately  there are many people who are suffering each day in this lockdown. Those poor people who are staying away from home and other daily wage workers, they don’t have house to live in, they don’t have money to buy a meal for single time. Many people are dying of hunger everyday. Please donate for them, even a single rupee counts. Please please donate whatever you can.

Hope you guys found this blog informative. Stay home.. Stay safe.. and stay tuned for the next…



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